About us

Soli’s Labels is a leading clothing label manufacturer and trim supplier with over 30 years of experience. We manufacture and supply over 50 different types of woven labels, printed and swing tags to manufacturers and fashion designers, helping them transform their products and helping them in achieving the look, feel and brand awareness that they aspire to.

Soli’s Labels uses the latest technology to ensure you are at the cutting edge of label development and supply in the world.

Soli’s Labels World-Wide partners and distribution allows labels to be supplied to Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters and designers all over the world ON time and ON budget.

Our Worldwide offices are situated in Australia and China with partners in Greece, Indonesia, India, and Thailand assuring we are able meet our customers’ requirements all over the globe.

Your Branding

Clothing labels are one of the first parts used in assembling a garment. Your BRAND is the most valuable asset of your business. Building that brand with the correct labelling l will ensure your branding is first in mind with your customer and allow your products to standing out from the competition. Labelling is considered the final touch in the presentation of your garment.

Whether you require a small or large quantity we will listen to your needs, help with any recommendations and work with you to achieve what you envisaged.

We will recreate your LOGO or artwork on any of our products looking exactly as you imagined.

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Our Products

Soli’s Labels manufactures and supplies a full range of clothes labels including:

Our Promise To You

Great Prices! Great Service! On Time! Every Time!
Being a company that has been operating for over 25yrs one of our underlying strengths is that we are continuously looking for more efficient ways to service and produce our goods. We have built our business on supplying excellent quality goods backed by great prices. Our continual growth has been based upon our simple philosophy that our customers are our most important asset and our employees our most important resource.

As branding of your products helps to project your company image, consistency in branding has become an even more crucial and integral part of consumer awareness. When working with Soli’s you can expect our assistance, from initial label development through to the finished product. We use our experience and knowledge to assist you in presenting your product in the best possible light to your target market.

Our History


Soli’s Labels had a very humble beginning working from home with a small label printing machine that allowed labels to be printed, cut and stacked in a single operation. They immediately found customers who required urgent delivery of labels that were cut and packed in a way that worked with the customers’ requirements.


Soli’s Labels began importing and supplying woven labels and badges. This meant that our customer base more than doubled as customers could now purchase their Main woven labels and also have the option of woven or printed care labels.

Soli’s Labels also began offset printing. This meant that Swing tags and over-printing of tags was available to their customers in addition to Full colour swing tags on a variety of papers, including 100% recyclable papers and proceeded the introduction of Barcodes to most major retailers in Australia. Over-printing was another service made available to our customers to meet their needs.


Target Australia approved Soli’s Labels as an official supplier of Printed Care labels. Soli’s Labels was only approved after very strict and stringent quality control requirements being met.


Soli’s Labels moved to new premises in Condell Park. Now operating up to 6 label machines, with 7-9 staff; a 2 level factory office was required.


Miller’s Fashion Club approved Soli’s Labels as the official supplier of Woven Labels, Swing Tags and Care Labels to Miller’s suppliers in Australia and overseas. At the time Miller’s had over 300 stores and were targeting to grow to over 1000. This was also the period that Soli’s Labels started delivery of labels to countries like China, Indonesia and even South Africa.


Kmart Australia approved Soli’s Labels as an official supplier of Printed Care labels. Strict material and quality control standards were adhered to for this approval.


Soli’s Labels purchased two, 4-colour digital label printers. These printers allowed images and text to be printed directly from computer to the material. It enabled the simultaneous printing, cutting and stacking of labels in addition to variable information being printed on to the label with limited or NO down time. This also permitted the printing of Care Labels with style codes, barcodes and other variable information more efficiently and cost effectively.


Soli’s Labels established partnership with a major label factory in Thailand and Greece allowing direct delivery of labels to customers in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and Asia.


Katies retail stores approved Soli’s Labels as the preferred supplier for all their labelling. More than 95% of these label orders are delivered directly to factories in China, Vietnam, Thailand, India and other countries.


Soli’s Labels established their office in Dongguan, China. Retailers Events, YD and Oneteaspoon approved Soli’s Labels as their preferred supplier.


Autograph retail stores approved Soli’s Labels as their preferred supplier for all their labels including Woven Labels, Swing Tags and Care Labels, a majority of which are delivered directly to overseas manufacturers.


Soli’s Labels continues excellent relationships with many clients named above and continues to be their preferred label supplier. We have and continually adapt & helping to achieve deadlines with quality results..

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