Swing Tags

A swing tag is great way of attracting customers to your product. It is attached to the clothing or other garment articles and “swings” from the item. Clothing swing tags help to inform the customer of product information, price, or care instructions.

Swing tag orders start with as few as 1000 pieces. Black & White or FULL Colour can be printed both sides on quality 300gsm boards. Heavier weighted papers in Matte, Gloss and even translucent papers are also available.

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Choosing the Right Clothing Swing Tags
There are many extra features that can be added to your swing tags to make them standout. They can be Die cut into different shapes, add eyelets for texture and variation, attached with string, ribbons or pins, Spot UV, Cello finish, and thicker board from 1-3mm thick.

Swing tags for clothing are produced in a large range of sizes and colours. They are still the most effective way to attract interest and market your garments while they are on display. Grab your customers attention quickly and effectively with the use of a swing tag.

We have a very large variety of papers and boards to choose from. Direct global delivery is available for this product and we can customize your labels to fit your style and needs.

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