Hanging Tape

Hanging Tape is one of the finishing touches to a garment, elevating its status. It allows the customer to carefully hang, maintain and better care for their garment, leading to longer enjoyment. Printing your logo or brand on hanging tape maintains your brand in the customers mind.

Hanging Tape comes in a range materials of different widths from 4mm up. They are generally printed in satin or Cotton material. Thay can also be weaved if you really want to stand out. They are usually Printed / Weaved in 1 or more colours with the brand name or the logo printed every few centimetres.

Minimum orders for printed to order HANGING TAPE are as small as 1000m.

We also SELL PLAIN unprinted Black, White and a variety of different colours hanging tape ribbon from 6mm wide with quantities as small as 100m.

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